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About the Fallen Heroes Memorial Fund

The Fallen Heroes Memorial Fund has its roots in a small idea that came about in Shilo, Manitoba following the deaths of Cpl Paul Davis and MCpl Tim Wilson. There was a very strong urge in the community to show support and solidarity for the soldiers serving in Afghanistan and their families left behind at home. After two trust funds had been established, a fund raising social was organized. Thanks to the interest of Christie Blatchford, columnist for the Globe & Mail and Author of the book "Fifteen Days", over $9000 was raised locally, and another $1000 nationally.

In the course of organizing the social, the group reflected on the fact that service families are, thankfully well taken care of financially when soldiers give their life to the service of their country. There is a real need, however, for people to show their support and thoughts to the families of the fallen, and to honour their ultimate sacrifice in the name of peace.

After many discussions, the idea of our national memorial fund to honour the memory of fallen Canadian Soldiers was established.

Our Mission

The concept for the Fallen Heroes Memorial Fund is to provide grants to the families of Canadian Soldiers lost on operations that will go towards commemorating their memory.

These grants may fund a physical marker or memorial, or may be used as a donation in their memory to a favoured charity at home, or in the theatre of operations.

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